⚑Multichain Sniping

The FIRST Solana GROUP SNIPER has been created and deployed. Bribe with your friends to secure early access to upcoming launches.

We've implemented the latest upgrades on Solana to give you the technical edge you need to win. No node or upfront costs required. Simply copy, paste, and snipe.

🎯 Snipe Together: Team up with other traders to increase your success.

πŸ’° Maximize Bribes: Use bribes to increase the chances of getting in early.

⏱️ Precise Trading: Snipes will only execute if your conditions are met.

🧠 Trade Smarter: Use intelligent automation to beat whales at their own game.

How to use Shuriken Solana Group Sniper - Crypto Gorilla

Setup Your SOL Group Snipe

To setup your snipe, paste any SOL token address into Shuriken and cycle to Snipe Mode

Group Snipe Setup Panel

After switching to Snipe Mode, you will be greeted with multiple optional settings

β›½Bribe: Bribes (in SOL) are sent to incentivize processing of Shuriken's group snipe transaction. Within each bundle Shuriken sends, individual bribes are aggregated to form one large bribe, and individuals are prioritized by bribe amount. πŸ•° Max Slot: The max amount of slots after the pool creation slot (slot == block) for your snipe to execute. If our snipe will land after this range, your snipe won't execute. 1 Slot = 400ms This is used to protect from sniping outside of your comfort range. For example, if you don't want to snipe outside of the first 10 seconds of the snipe being live, you can set your max slot to 25. 🏦 Dexes: Which specific Dexes/markets you want to snipe for relevant LPs. πŸͺ™ Min Out: The minimum amount of tokens you want to receive from this snipe. Kinda like slippage. πŸ‘₯ Wallets: Each wallet you want to snipe with. (Max of 10) πŸ’¦ Min Sol Liq: The minimum amount of SOL you want in the liquidity pool of the token you're sniping. If a matching LP doesn't have that liquidity it'll be ignored. πŸ’¦ Min Token Supply: What % of max token supply do you want to be in this LP? πŸ’° SOL Value: Choose a preset value (can be configured in Settings) OR choose a custom SOL value with the πŸ’° X option . πŸ”΄/🟒: Snipe Status: Current status of your snipe. This acts as a toggle, simply click this option to switch between enabled and disabled status.

πŸ‘οΈ Enable Your Snipe

To save your snipe settings and initiate your snipe, simply click the πŸ”΄ Snipe Disabled button to toggle on 🟒 Snipe Enabled

Once enabled, you will be greeted with a confirmation to send your snipe intent. Your quoted gas fee is displayed and used to send your bribe and SOL to our custom contact to snipe for you. Click βœ… Yes to submit your snipe.

Once you see the notification displaying βœ… Saved Snipe Intent On-Chain , your snipe is set and pending execution on token launch. Your snipe is now set up! All you have to do is wait for the token to go live and Shuriken will alert you when your snipe has executed.

As your snipe executes, a notification will appear letting you know that Shuriken Group Sniper is attempting to snipe your token. Once your snipe is successful, you'll receive another notification letting you know your tokens are being airdropped to you.

πŸ‘οΈ View All Snipes

View all pending and completed snipes by using the /snipes command or by clicking the πŸ‘οΈView All Snipes button in any Snipe Trading Panel.

  • Cycle through your snipes with ⬅️ and ➑️

  • As you select a pending token snipe, a βœ… will appear next to the selected token.

  • Between ⬅️ and ➑️ , the token ticker will be displayed as a clickable button to open a trading panel for the selected token.

Edit your Bribe, Max Slot, Dexes, Min Out, Wallets, Min Liq, and Min Supply settings by clicking the corresponding button and inputting your updated value. Once complete, click βœ…Save to save your updated settings.

❌ Delete: Deletes your snipe and refunds your SOL back to you. (only gas fee is charged) 🟒Enable / πŸ”΄ Disable: Toggles your snipe's activation status.

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