‎Shuriken Stars

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to recalculate, disqualify, and rebalance the Shuriken Stars rewards system at our discretion. Sybil farm at your own discretion.

Getting started is easy

Navigate here to the Shuriken Stars page on our webapp.

Make sure to connect your Twitter. We cannot track and reward you with loyalty stars otherwise.

⭐️Start earning rewards on every trade

Introducing our new rewards system: Shuriken Stars. Trade. Refer. Engage with @ShurikenTrade to earn.

Shuriken Stars act as XP to level skills. These will be important later.

Here's how to earn stars.

🎯 Trader Skill

  • Earn stars with every trade

  • 150% bonus stars on snipes

  • 300% bonus stars on 1st bundles

🪴 Loyalty Skill (make sure to connect your twitter)

  • Longer trading streak = more bonus stars

  • Reply and engage with @ShurikenTrade tweets

  • Tag @ShurikenTrade in your tweets/replies

👥 Referral Skill

  • Refer friends to earn stars

  • The more your friends trade, the more stars you earn.

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