🧲Component Connectors

What is a Connector?

In the Shuriken Webapp connectors allow you to sync components so that if you search a token in one, it reflects in the same token in all synced components. Shuriken users can sync up to 2 tokens in connectors.

Sync Components

Loading Tokens Into Connectors

There are 3 ways to load tokens into your connectors.

Quick Select with Connector Shortcuts

At the top of the Shuriken Dashboard there are 2 connector shortcuts. Click "Add Connector" and paste a contract address in either connector 1 or connector 2 to load that token in all synced components of that specific option.

Search Tokens in Connected Components

Once you have connected multiple components, simply search a token in one of the connected components to load the same token in all synced components.

Use Connector Shortcut

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