🫂Referrals & Token Sharing

Use /Referral to view your shareable referral link and view your claimed and pending rewards. There are 2 ways to earn rev-share rewards. 1: Share your referral link to receive 10% of all fees generated from users who sign up with your code. 2: Use the 📲 Share Token button in any trading panel to create a quick task buy link for that token. All trades executed using your quick task will generate rewards at the same 10% rev-share rate.

💰Referral Rewards Summary

Referral Rate: Shows current rev-share rate you are earning. Total Referrals: Total count of users under your referral code. Total Unclaimed: Total value in USD of unclaimed rev-share available to you. Each chain is paid out in the native token the volume was generated on. SOL can be claimed in SOL on a SOL wallet & EVM/Mainnet rev-share is claimable in ETH on the native chain the volume is derived from. Lifetime Rewards: Total reward summary

🏦 Claim Rewards

To begin your claim, click the Claim button of any of the four chains available.

Edit Destination: Choose which wallet you would like to use to receive claim rewards. After setting your destination or editing your destination to a new address, there is a 2 hour wait time before claiming is available. This is to protect from bad actors insta-draining your claim if your Telegram gets compromised. Claim: Claim your rewards in the native token

📲 Share Tokens for Added Rewards

You can easily share any SOL, ETH, Base, or Blast token with your friends and alpha groups by clicking the 📲 Share Token button. Once clicked you will receive a quick task link with the following format: https://t.me/ShurikenTradeBot?start=qt-REFCODE-TOKEN Simply share this link and anyone who clicks will auto-load the token into their Shuriken. All buys or sells generated from your quick task will generate rev-share for your referral ⭐️ As a Bonus, if someone uses your quick task link and signs up to Shuriken as a new user, they will be added under your referral code and all volume processed from them will now count towards your reward claims!

🚀 Boost Your Rewards Up To 2x

Simply trade $10k USD or more on any chain each week to double your rewards from 10% to 20%! Each week you trade $10k or more, you will receive a 2x multiplier on rewards the following week. Maintain your volume streak each week to keep your boost!

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